Prevailing Market Price of Essential Commodities as on: 18/11/2015,   Atta: Rs. 46/-   Sugar: Rs. 42/-   Andhra Ponni: Rs. 36/-   Ponni Raw Rice (sun/ tiger brand etc): Rs. 52/-   Ponni Boiled Rice (sun/ tiger brand etc): Rs. 52/-   Raw Rice: Rs. 33/-   Urad Dal: Rs. 181/-   Moong Dal: Rs. 124/-   Gram Dal: Rs. 77/-   Toor Dal: Rs. 184/-   Masoor Dal: Rs. 102/-   G.N.Oil: N/A   Mustard Oil: Rs. 127/-   Onion: Rs. 50/-   Potato: Rs. 20/-   Wheat: Rs. 27/-   Gur: Rs. 54/-   Supreme Vanaspati: Rs. 108/-   Soya Oil: N/A   Supreme Sunflower Oil: Rs. 115/-   Roobini Palm Oil: Rs. 67/-   BBT Tea (Loose): Rs. 378/-   Everyday Milk (In Litre): Rs. 425/-   Amulspray (1 Kg): Rs. 340/-   Amul Taza Liquid (1 Litre): Rs. 58/-   Tomato: Rs. 60/-   Anna Purna Salt (Pack): Rs. 16/-   Sapna Salt (Pack): Rs. 15/-   Saffola Salt (Pack): Rs. 26/-   Ganga Salt (Pack): Rs. 12/-  


image             The Directorate of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs is functioning in these Islands from the day of occupation and settlement by the British Government. Earlier this Department was known as Supply Department and was functioning from Ross Island.

            In the absence of open market during pre-independent days and limited traders, food grains, essential commodities and household provisions were supplied by this Department.

            After Independence, with the open marketing by traders, dealing with all kinds of consumable items including pulses, cereals, oils, etc., the responsibility of department shifted from supplies to enforcement of various Acts and Orders of Government of India.

            Now the Department's primary responsibility is to ensure the availability of food grains, monitor market prices, supervise traders activities and create consumer awareness.

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