The existing eligibility conditions of Old Age Pension scheme are as follows: 

  1. Only those who are domiciled in the Union Territory of A & N Islands having resided in this Union Territory for not less than 5 years immediately proceeding the date of application will be eligible for financial assistance under the scheme.

    2.   To become eligible for financial assistance, a person should belong to any one of the category mentioned 


i)      Destitute or disabled having no means of livelihood and getting no support from any relatives. A person shall be deemed to be destitute if none of his/her in a position to give him/her financial support.

ii)     A person having an income not exceeding Rs.60/- per month from all sources, including income from the property owned shall also be deemed to be a destitute for the purpose of the sub rule.

iii)    In capable of doing any kinds of remunerative work for their livelihood.

iv)    Belonging to a family who's per capital income is not more than Rs.250/- per month.

v)     Drawing pension more than Rs.60/- per month where the combined income of the entire family; inclusive of pension does not exceed Rs.250/- per month.

vi)    Only a person who has attained the age of 60 years and above on the date of application will be eligible for financial assistance under this scheme. Provided in the case of a disabled persons, for eligibility of financial assistance relaxation of age to the extent of 5 years may be permitted, if the disability is of permanent nature, certified to be by an authorized Medical Attendant who shall clearly indicate the nature of the disability.

vii)    A person received old age pension from any other sources shall not be eligible for financial assistance under this scheme. 


Application for the assistance under this scheme may be submitted in the prescribed form to the Director of Social Welfare. The requisite form are available free of cost in the Directorate of Social Welfare and all CDPO's Office located all over the island. This may also be downloaded from the website.


        The application for assistance under this scheme shall be accompanied with a certificate from the revenue authority in respect of his/her income  and the age of the applicant should be determined by the Medical Officer.  


i)   The assistance of Old Age Pension shall be Rs.100/- per month.

ii)   The applicant is entitled to get this assistance in his/her death.

          Download : Application Form